Replacing the rear window seal on a Gen 2 Dodge Viper.

Viper rear window seal.

The rear window seal on my 2k viper was cracked and the bottom was so flat that latches didnít even engage in the slot,
so I put some weather strip I had at home on the bottom as a quick fix.

0 latch.jpg1 quick repair.jpg


I checked Dodge does not sell the seal only the whole over $900 window,
but the dealer would discount the window to $750, a lot for rubber seal.   

2 old.jpg3 old.jpg

Mine was shot!

After looking around I found this seal on Amazon that looked like it would work.

I had to buy 75 feet when I needed about 10 ft but the price still beat replacing the real window.



Shipped a little over $50.  I also bought some new good super glue.


Getting the old gasket of was a nightmare. Whatever silver glue they used was real hard.

It took about 3 hours to get the old off.

Plus the window is so long and thin I was afraid I would break the glass.

4 remove.jpg

I did not find anything that would dissolve the glue I tried every solvent I had.

Mine had less glue on the outside of the window than on the inside.

First- thing I did was cut the flap off the get it out of the way.

Second- I used a utility knife to cut the rubber off the glue on the outside.


5 remove.jpg6 remove.jpg

Third- I cut around the edge of the glass.


7 remove.jpg

Fourth- most of it I was able to pull off after that.


8 removed.jpg

Fifth- After hours of scraping with a razorblade I got it all clean and ready for the new seal.


 I tried the just wrap the seal around the window but the bottom corners were too sharp and the seal folded in
so it would not have sealed so I decided to put joints with extra flap at both bottom corners.

9 install.jpga  corner.jpg

I just eyeballed the corners miter cuts and super glued them together, trimmed with scissors and they came out good.

I did not glue it on other than the butyl and supergluedthe corners together, if it comes off I may need to glue it later.


b corner.jpg.c corner.jpg

It was a little tight put the window in the first time but it looks like it will seal well

d whole.jpg

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