1986 Suzuki Samurai

4X4 2 speed transfer case
5 speed overdrive
power brakes
heavy duty roof rack
1/4 Polycarbonate windshield (cracked)
Runs well


no accessories included

Old Pictures looks have changed.has different front and rear bumpers and paint job

Jay Wolf
2226 East Apache Lane
Vincennes IN 47591
812 882 8666


A salute to the working Sammy

Sammy ripping out 30 year old bushes.

Tied off to a tree the winch lifts the rear tire.

The first bush comes out.

Hauling off bush stump and all.

Back in the muddy woods dropping off a load.

Hauling off a root ball and some limbs.

Same as above.

Planting a 15 foot Pin Oak.

Hauling off a 60 foot Pine in 3 loads.

Same as above.

Sammy clearing the drive of snow.

All done.

Unloading a 1200LB. old car engine.

Same as above.

Rear tire are a little light with 1200LB. hung out front.

More engine shots.


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