Carrying the Mail

When I changed for the K bike to the Rt I found a problem. I always stop at the end of the lane and get my mail and ride up to my house. The K bike was fine just throw it on the tank or over the radio and it stayed for the short ride down the lane. But with the RT the mail always fell off, no way to carry it with out stopping to open a bag and put the mail in. I had made the kneepad removable earlier to allow injector sync with out removing the fairing, (Removable Knee pads). I played with some straps on the tank to hold mail but this worked out the best, the Bungy Buddies hold the pads in, better than the Velcro and they do not hit my knees and the made a great place to put a strap to hold my mail


For detail on mod see (Removable Knee pads)