The Lower Ohio Valley Evansville Region

of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA)


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Lower Ohio Valley (Evansville) Region of the AACA


Look at the 2014 Schedule


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Look at the 2014 Schedule

11-07-2009 Blazerfest Car show

Hershey AACA Fall Nationals 2009

6-12-2009 National AACA show in Lebanon TN

5-2-2009 Lover's trip to Nashville TN

03-28-2009 Ray Skillman Collection

01-19-2009 MeetingJerry Smithís

Lover Christmas Party 2008

Lover Halloween Party 2008

Lover toursPantheon

AACA National Meet at Cleveland TN

11-08-2008 Homecoming car show pictures

AACA Fall Nationals Hershey

05-21-2008 AACA Meeting at Markís

4-26-08 Smith, Kleptz & Hulman Museums

03-18-2008 AACA meeting at John and Sue Smithís

Grand National - Melbourne, FL - March 14, 2008

01-16-2888 Meeting at Marvinís

11-03-2007Homecoming car show

09-19-2007 AACA Meeting at Fredís

7-7-2007 Grand AACA National

7-15-2007 AACA Pool Party

3-24-2007 Tour of Don Smithís Collection

4-15-2006 Spring Fling

10-22-2005 LOVeR Fall Party

Old Lover Headlines

11-05-2005 VU Car show

11-05-2005 VU Car Show

Newport Hillclimb and Hershey 2005

09-24-2005 Jeffersonville National Show

Lover meeting at Freds††††† 6-15-02

04-20-2005 OBD II Tech Meeting

03-19-2005 Hunti-ngburg Car Show

AACA Recruiting Efforts

12-04-2004 Loverís Christmas Party

11-06-2004 VU Car Show

10-31-2004 Lovers visit Salem

10-19-2004 AACA Meet at Hershey

09-19-2004 Washington Indiana Car Show

09-18-2004 Hoosier Auto Show and Swap Meet

09-11-2004 Dublin OH National Meet

07-31-2004 L-V Show

07-21-2004 Pool Party

06-05-2004 Don Smiths

05-15-2004 Metropolis AACA Meet

05-1-2004 Birmingham AACA Meet

04-21-2004 AACA meeting

04-19-2004 AACA Mall Show

03-27-2004 Rokon in Tech

03-17-4004 AACA meeting

02-14-2004 AACA National Meeting

Dec 2003 Lover's Christmas Party

Nov 2003 Big Red in Tech Building

Nov 2003 Tour Machine Trades

Nov 2003 VU Auto Club Car Show

Oct. 2003 AACA meeting, Plastic

Oct 2003 AACA Nationals Hershey PA

Sept. 2003 Learning about Paint Products

Aug. 2003 Learning about Plasma cutting

Aug. 2003 Grand National Ceder Rapids

July 2003 Metropolis IL National Show

April 2003 Spring Fling

March 2003 Washington Mall Car Display

March 2003 AACA meeting, Airbag Demo

Nov. 2002 Trip to Frank Kleptz's

Oct. 2002 Hershey AACA meet

Sept. 2002 AACA Meeting at Fred's

June 2002 Cedar Rapids National Show

Apr. 2002 Spring Fling Pictures

Dec. 2001 Lover Christmas Party Pictures

June 2000 Nashville National Show

AACA National Page

AACA Calendar

Email Jay Wolf

The Club meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month in the summer and every other month in the winter, at the museum of John and Sue Smith, 4644 Sharon RD Newburgh IN
Location is subject to change please check with a club member before attending.

Officers for 2008
Officers mailing addresses

Jay Wolf (President)&(webmaster)
2226 E. Apache Lane
Vincennes, IN 47591
work (812) 888 4172
home (812) 882 8666

Jerry Hirsch (Vice President)
2855 Fuquay Rd.
Newburgh, IN. 47630

Jerry D. Smith (Secretary)
855 Mt. Gilead Road
Boonville, IN 47601
Home (812) 897-3995

Marvin Smith (Treasurer)
5366 Sleepyhollow Rd.
Newburgh, IN 47630


Contact us by Email

AACA National
501 W. Governor Rd
P.O. Box 417
Hershey, PA 17033
Phone (717) 534-1910
FAX: (717) 534-9101

For further information Email

Loverís Goal in 2008 is to Recruit New Members.
Show your pride and do your part.


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