To hide the mounting bolts and keep my Helmet from Being
scratched I lined the inside of the trunk. I also lined the side bags. I also have BMW bag liners, this lining keeps them looking like new and free of that plastic rubbing look. I used scrap pieces
of Acustarib and hot glue ($2)These bags are very irregular shaped and not easy to line.

I used scraps, it was so oddly shaped I had to use small piece anyway. I
got a bunch of 12 inch strips from the trash after they had covered some
walls where I work. Acustarub is just cloth, corduroy like wall covering
used in rooms to absorb sound. It is also used on podiums and other
portable furniture. On my old bike I used Tuff Coat a carpet like stuff
used to cover speaker and other audio gear, they thing, I didn't like
about it was Velcro stuck to it and made it fuzzy, I have a pair of
gloves with Velcro wrist straps and they were always getting stuck on it
and some the hold trunk was frayed. Anything will work just start hot
gluing and double cutting it till your done.