Laughlin River Run Trip Day 2

Tuesday Apr 25 left motel at 7:45 am

Follow 66 seeing had breakfast at Cherokee Village,

Had lunch at the Silver Moon

Stopped at the Route 66 Museum Clinton OK, spent about hour

We climbed Sandia Crest 10,000 feet the Beemer was not running well at 10,000 feet.

Had dinner at The famous El Rancho (I did learn when in New Mexico order Mexican food mild unless you want to soak your lips in ice water the rest of the night) but the food was great, even if it was a little hot.

. Spent the night In the Colonial motel ($17 each) in Gallup NM.

Not one of your better places. Sheet would have been nice, but I think they were extra, and evidently we didn't pay for them, because all we got was a bed spread, (I bet they wash them every day) Not recommended.

This is now closed we stopped but it was shut down

714 miles covered the second day


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