To make Injector synchronizing easier I made the knee pads removable, with velcro. Now you can synchronize injectors without removing plastic. I also made the left toe plate removable by breaking off clips and putting on SS screw to hold it in. Right toe plate was already removable, With these it is easy to put vacuum lines on TB's.

Not happy with the Velcro I changed it to a Bungy Buddy mount

This modification was not as easy as it looks. There isn't any clearance between the tank and the plastic.
What I did was take a 3/16 carriage bolt, drilled a hole down the center of it and tapped it to fit the Bungs Buddy
Put a nut on it the ground it off to about 1/2 the nut. Drilled a 5/32 hole in the plastic,
careful not to hit the tank. Put the carriage bolt in from the inside, Put a large washer to take up the unused
square portion of the carriage bolt, put the 1/2 nut on and tightened it up.
I painted it real quick with some aluminum paint to stop rust.
I shortened the bolt on the Bungy Buddy so it would not screw in to or hit the tank.
I also had to cut away some of the inside of the knee pad to clear washer and the nut.

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