GS intake tubes on RT

Putting a Set of BMW R1100GS Intake Tubes on a BMW R100RTL
I got mine for Competition Accessories with AMA discount for $16.25 each
or a total of $32.50 plus shipping. Easy job took about 2 hours most of the time removing and replacing tupperware.

Right side RT tube in place GS tube held up.

Both Tubes off RT short one GS long one.

You have to remove injector to get tube in and out of air box.

GS tube in place, RT tube held up for comparison.


That's it synchronize the injectors and put the plastic back on.

Synchronizing injectors with a Twin max.

I also bought the Pink Cat code plug ($4.75) but I have not put it on. I wanted to do them one at a time to compare the difference.

I do not have a dynamometer, but that is not what make the difference to me, who cares what the dynamometer says, can I tell the difference when I ride and the answer is a large YES, the bike is smother and has more pull from 3000-4000 RPM.


I heard there was increased intake noise, I can't hear any but I have @Two Brother Racing pipes on my RT. Actually the RT is Quieter with the GS tube as it is not as loud during acceleration.


Last night I rode about 20 miles on loose gravel and the GS tubes made the bike a great gravel bike, You have an even acceleration not the stepped way it was with the RT tubes

I have not changed gas milage I will ad more later.

With the stock chip is was good but I had a little detonation when I was on
it really on it hard.

So I tried the Pink plug, it sucked it stall all the time when cold, It
left me more than once pulling out in front of a car and having the motor go
dead. I will never use it again.

Then I tried no plug, ran fine but had a little more detonation than the

So I went back to the stock, I need to check the timing on my bike I think I
have it a little it high for the GS tubes. I have two Brother exhaust and I
run my RT hard.

The GS tubes really made the bike handle like a GS in gravel,
I thought it was the suspension, but now I think it is the engine that
makes the GS do gravel so well because now my RT does gravel well.

I hope this answers your questions.

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