Highway pegs, floorboards , my paper pattern and scrap steel used to make mounts.
People have ask about the patterns. I didn't keep them but them were easy to make.
What I did was find steel washer that would fit on the cut out to the Valvecover bolts.
I think it was like a 5/16 or 3/8. I measured the distance between to bolts
center the washers at the distance and drew around them,
then I used the same washer for radii for the inside corners, and just played with it till it fit.
I cut the steel close but not exact. What I did on the was drill the holes first,
the put a bolt with a washer on both sides in each of the Valvecover holes.
(you can see them on the picture) them ground around them.
the hardest part was grinding out the center.
As far as the outside goes that was the size of metal I had.
I just gave the corners a nice curve.

As far as what kind of steel it was it was just 1/4 mild plate steel,
scraps cut out of a computer floor trench. I had mounts on the bike first
under one bolt with a piece of 10 ga steel it was easy to bend with your foot.
so I made the heavier ones and put it under 2 bolts.

One thing you might want to go by the BMW dealer and get some new
valvecover bolt seals , as they are a bear to get off the bolt, I broke one.
New ones are only $.75 around here. I just replaced all 8.
(the little tapered rubber piece that seals around the bolt.)
Part # 11 12 1 341 875 or 11 12 7 554 978

During the making of the mounts. They were made using only
a 1/2 drill, 4.5 inch angle grinder, vice and a Sawsall. Took about 2 hours.
I drilled the holes first then, I bolted them together and made both at once.
Finish was give with a flap disk on the grinder.

HPMounts.jpg show the mount finished. I clear coated them to stop rust.
Question about Clearcoat?
Clear coat is just a clear paint you use as a top coat for most new car finishes,
Kind of the new replacement for Clear lacquer.
Second photo show the mounts and floorboard
(Cheap a JC Whitney I have had and 4 other bikes but they still sell them.)

This shows the mount on the bike without the floor floorboards.
Pegs could also be used on the same mounts.

I also put some Nynon washers on the bottom of the valvecover bolts to keep from over tightening the valve cover.

This shows the mounts folded in when not in use.

This shows the floorboard folded out ready for use.

This shows foot position when riding. By pushing back in the seat
I can stretch my legs out straight this can be adjusted by how long you make the mounts.
I use them to stretch my legs as, I ride 300 miles get gas,
ride 300 miles get gas ,ride 300 miles get gas,
then start looking for a place to spend the night.
Total cost to me $0, if you had to by floorboards about $40.
Pegs could also be used on the same mounts.

I changed to Pegs, I like them a lot better. Feet on pegs or over pegs.
These have been crash tested no problems.

Patterns made on 1/4 inch graph paper with 1/2 lines darkened.

Thanks to M. Dinne Flansbury a PDF drawing.
Remember this sizes were made this size because that is the size scrap steel I had your's can very.


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