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Pictured Jay Wolf's 1916 Elgin Six Touring Car.

Shot taken 3/00 Current Shots


The Elgin Ideal Realized

To make a motor car individual in design,
sturdy in construction, accurate in the finest
details of it's mechanism, powerful, dependable
in every service, economical in operation, equal
in beauty to the most costly types, yet obtainable
at a price that fits the purse of the average American
Family, is the ideal realized in the building of the
Elgin Six

The Heart of the Elgin a 35HP 180 ci Six OHV motor built by Falls Motor Company

Currently I need the following parts for my 1916 Elgin Six

Left front Fender
Several parts to the speedometer

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If you own an Elgin or ever have owned one or you know someone who does or used to, drop me a note.
Send Email to: Jwolf@indian.vinu.edu

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