This is the Story of how I ended up buying the R1100RTL.
It is long and boring to some but other may find it interesting.

I had a 1992 K75RTa that I just loved it was perfect for me. I had put 80,000 mile on it in 5 years. I had thought about replacing it. But had not found anything I liked as well, that I could afford. To add to that the 3 closest BMW dealers had closed up in Indiana, so, I was at least 250 miles from the closest dealer. So I had just fixed up the K a new Koni rear shock and driving computer, I even fixed the ABS by replacing the high dollar box. I was planing on riding the K out the Hershey PA for the AACA Fall Nationals the first of Oct. It was the middle of Sept. 2000, I rode the K to work as always. When I went out to the bike to go to lunch there was a crowd of people around it, it had been backed over by a large 4x4 pick-up truck. Luckily for me the drive had stuck around and not run off like they usually do.

First I though it isn't hurt too bad, but the more I looked the more damage I found it ended up to be over $5000.
Fairing was all cracked and shifted to the side, I rode it home but it defiantly wasn't right and in no condition to be ridden to PA in 2 weeks.

I was lucky again in the fact that the guy who hit it and my insurance company both were State Farm.
I called my Agent and told him the problem, He got right on it. I loaded the BMW on the trailer and took it to the closest dealer to get and estimate. The dealer after charging my $60 gave me and open ended estimate telling me he could give a full estimate with out taking the bike apart ($150+). Well the estimate came in at $4300 not quite enough to total the bike, but too much damage to have it fixed in the now 10 days before I leave. Now we had a problem we had hoped to total it get me a check, I buy a new bike and hit the road. My Agent had an appraiser (who rode motorcycles), come out to my house and meet me and looked over the bike, he said he could see there was more damage than on the estimate and he would recommend totaling it. Now back to the agent and adjuster to discuss a price. I gave them a number($8300), they gave a number($5300), we went back and fort, they called a few dealers. Finally we agreed on $73xx or $63xx and I keep the bike and all the accessories on the bike. I took the $6300 and kept the bike, as a lot of the accessories would fit a K1100LT. I was real glad at the dealers response as the insurance thought 80,000 miles the bike was used up, all 3 dealer told them that 80,000 mile on a K was just broken in.

Now I had the money (they overnighted a check to me) and 6 days to find a bike. No K75Rt's were to be found, I decide to get a K1100LT as I could afford it and it was a nice bike just heavy and I could learn to live with the weight. I found one in TN my plan was to go down on Saturday and get it. I got a call on Thursday he sold it.

No bike 5 days from the time I was supposed to leave. I am called every where. I even looked at ST1100's I finally found another K1100lt up by Indy but the guy wants too much and it is more that I wanted to spend. But I didn't want to cancel my trip so I plans to go look at it on Saturday.

Friday when I got back to work from lunch there is an message in my voice mail saying "This is (XXX) and I hear your need a motorcycle to ride on a trip next week. I have a BMW R11100RT you can use if you want to. Call me at ##". My First thought is who is(XXX) I don't know any (XXX) and why does he want to loan me a motorcycle. But I am desperate so I'll call him. I had only rode a r1100rt once and for some reason my leg cramped with in the first 3 miles. I wanted sure if it was just a fluke or the bike just didn't fit me, but I was not willing to spend $11,000+ then find out it was the bike. I at first I was not interested in buying the R1100rt. I called him, found out I knew his father, not well, but he used to be Chairman of the board of where I work. He told me he had the 96 R1100RTA with under 4000 miles on it I could use for my trip if I wanted to, no charge no pressure to buy it or anything. He said it needed to be driven. On the first call I told him no, I didn't feel comfortable borrowing somebody I didn't know's bike, unless I was thinking about buying it and I didn't want an oilhead, and he wanted far more that I wanted to spend. After talking to some friends who thought I was crazy for not taking the guy up on his offer. I though, where else an I going to get a 2000 mile rest ride. I decide to call him back, get the bike, ride it the weekend then decide about the PA trip.

I called him, and got the whole story. Seems he got the bike from his father, he rode it a little bit and one of the radio speakers quit working. He figured a wire had come of and instead of taking it to the dealer he decide to take it apart. He did then had trouble getting it back together, so he just pushed to the back of his garage and bought a new K1200LTc and it has been sitting there for 2 years. He said he didn't like it, as the seat was too low anyway (it was set on the lowest setting) He told me, I would have to put it together, but he dad told him I wouldn't have any problems with that. So I would be doing him a favor by putting it together and I would have a bike to use and more time to find what I wanted. So it was a "Win" " Win " situation, doing him a favor putting it together I wouldn't feel bad using it. I ask if I could pick it up that night. He said "He wasn't going to be home but he would leave the back door of his house unlock, to just go through the house and get in the garage." Now, I was leery about using a guy I didn't knows bike, I wasn't going to go in his house and pick it up when he wasn't there." He said he would be there until he went out for dinner so I would try to catch him, or get the bike Saturday. He thought it could be made ridable easily. I had my wife drive me over, he was still there, in his garage was a new K1200LTc and a full dress Harley loaded with chrome. Over on the side of the garage under some stuff was the covered R1100RT. We got it out I put a few screws on the dash and put all the other plastic and a baggy of bolts. screws, etc. in the car. We put some of his lawnmower gas in it and it fired right up. It was louder that any Beemer I had ever had, then I noticed the Two Brother's Racing pipe. (you know Harley Guys) Not Harley loud just right. My K the loudest thing was the fuel pump.


I stopped and got gas on the way home, it ran fine but the front brake needed bled. it took about and hour and I had it together, everything worked except on the radio speakers was blown.

Sunday I took it on a quick 200 mile run up the the Newport Hill Climb to see if I could ride it to PA. After the trip, I decide I could do it, with a few changes, I put a few washers under the front mount of Corbin seat to stop the forward sliding, I didn't like, I put on some Stealth Edging ,I had in the Garage on it to raise the windshield. and a few other toys from the K and I was ready to go. I really don't think the R is the bike the k was but it was a lot more fun, I had forgotten about fun in motorcycling, and had focused on comfort. I had a great trip to PA. it was the first trip I had ever gone 300+ mile without putting a foot down as I never had a bike that would hold enough gas. It was a great trip, but ,I knew The R was worth more than I had to spend on a replacement bike and I would have to give it back when I got home. It was like new except for a few scratches and lots of stuff on it like the Corbin Seat, BMW Tank Bag, Two Brother Exhaust, Bar backs. When I got back I was unable to get a hold of him for 2 weeks, he was on vacation in FL. By then I had put over 2000 miles on the bike. When I did, I told him it was running fine and he should be able to sell it now without any problems. I would return it to him when he wanted me to. He told me he want me to have the bike, I told him the $$ just weren't there. The told me I could pay him some now and the rest in the spring when I had the money. I told him it would need tire soon, speaker for the radio, the valve covers leaked. He said he would pay for the a stuff and when the time came for a tire he would buy it for me. I also told him I would replace the speaker and valvecover gaskets before returning it if he paid for parts. While we were talking, I put and ad to sell the K for $3000 on the IBMWR site, with in hours I had a list of 3 people who wanted it. A guy picked it up with a CC the next weekend, So I called back the owner of the R1100RTL and told him I got $6300 from insurance and $3000 from the K, total $9300 take it or leave it, Well, he took it. When I when to give him the check he also gave me the stock seat, the stock pipe, a BMW bike cover and a helmet painted to match the bike.

The first thing I did was take the barbacks off.

That is how I ended up the the R1100RTL