Synchronizing Injectors using a TwinMax.

Using adapter supplied with TwinMax hook both side tubes to throttle bodies.

Turn sensitivity to high and adjust to 0

Loosen cable adjuster on right side TB

Start engine and adjust idle balance with bypass screw on right hand side TB
with TwinMax on highest sensitivity, I do this with the needle bouncing +1 to -1
this is easy just be sure the needles swing is centered.

I then take the RPM up to about 3000 RPM, with the TwinMax set at max sensitivity the needle will be very steady, adjust the needle to cent using the cable adjuster on the right side you loosened earlier, when you got it adjusted the bike will be about 4000 rpm.

Then tighten the lock nut on the adjuster. I do this with the bike still running to make sure It doesn't move and it does 3 out of 4 times. I use a 10mm wrench and a set of needle nose pliers.

That's it fun and easy, now put the plastic back on .

I have modified my bike so I can check sync without removing plastic.
Removable Knee pads
I adjust balance every oil change.

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