I ordered the kit from CNC Technik M. V. Metallbearbeitung Omperter Weg 56 - 41748 Viersen

With a couple of vague email I was told the kit would be $206.47 us total, shipped. I could tell these email were written with a handy English to German dictionary in hand. On Friday evening I sent and Email telling them my CC info and asking them to ship me one. By the next Friday I had the parts in my hand. not bad, great as a matter of fact. I can't get stuff from CA in a week. I installed the kit during my lunch hour without even taking my tie off it was easy and took about 1/2 hour. The hardest part was getting the little wire off the shifter ball. I should have looked up in the repair manual and seen how it came off. instructions with the kit were very basic and poor.

Brake side Before: Brake Side Done:

Brakes side Parts:

Brake side done:

Shifter side Before:

Shifter side done but stock shifter, note how high shifter is. Shifter has always been to low for my big feet so I thought I could do with out modified shifter but It was a bear to shift, I had pull up with my leg not just rock my foot. I didn not intend on ordering the shifter but it came with my order, good thing.

Shifter side done note drop in shifter:

Shifter side done from a distance:

I had read in a review somewhere, that you couldn't put the stock springs back on but mine went right on and the top connection is locked with a set screw. It is a very well engineered kit: Note position of stock spring and it functions just like stock:

Only problem with kit was I had to bend bolt to get it to hit brake light switch:
Kit include new bolt and master cylinder rod and enlarged brake peddle:


Impressions: more comfortable, your feet get a lot more wind, good in summer ,maybe, not so good in winter. I haven't had them in the rain yet but I bet your feet get wetter. Side stand is tucked even farther in between the Foot peg and the shifter, I can see me hitting the shifter by mistake, but I did that before. It turned out not to be a problem I have't done it since I put the kit on. So far I am happy with the kit.
I will had more after I have ridden them a while. They stick out farther you notice them when you back the bike up. When you ride you really notice the difference of where you feet are.
Suggestions have some Steel wool or something handy to clean you the bikes peg mounting points where the stock begs moved back and forth. Buy the modified shifter.

After my first trip with the pegs, I am very happy, I think with the Corbin, the Areoflow, the bar backs, the highway pegs and the MV lowering kit. I can easily do 1000 mile days.

I also went throught some of my favorate twisties and had no problem with pegs dragging
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