Recruiting Younger Members:


As I have in the past, I keep trying to get some younger members in AACA.

This is my latest attempt; I’ll let you know how if it works.

I got permission to put my 1955 Thunderbird inside the atrium of the Technology Building at Vincennes University.



At the corner of the car I put a sign

 “AACA is looking for Younger members” with some basic information about AACA and our Local Region with my Name Email and both phone numbers, I included an invitation to attend one of our local meetings as my guest. 


Sign Word Doc

You can’t walk in to the building with out noticing a Torch red 55 Thunderbird in the center of the room.  About 4000 students a week attend classes in the Technology Building.


I’ll let you know how many calls I get and if I can convert any of them in to new members.


Well after 3 days of the car on display with my phone number highly visible on it have receive Zip, Zero, Nada calls about AACA. Last night I printed up some business cars with a photo of the car, my name address, phone numbers, and “For Information on AACA” printed on top and put them in holders at the corners of the car to make it easier for interested parties to call me. We will see if this helps.



AACA Youth Recruiting Results:
On a previous post I told of my efforts:
Displaying my car in the
Technology Building
Posters in all the dorms and buildings.

Well it came the day of the meeting and I hadn’t heard from anyone.
Spring Break was the week before the meeting that didn’t help.
Several of the business cards had been take from the car but no calls.
Late in the day I stopped by the Tech building to dust off the T-bird
and started talking to a student, he said he would like to go, I told him
I would drive and we set up a place to meet, he said he might bring a friend.
When I met him he had 2 friends with him so I took.:
1 female automotive repair student
1 male automotive repair student
1 male computer networking student
We left about 5:00 PM the meeting was about 70 miles away, I drove my wife’s Toyota Prius and they enjoyed the novelty of it. We stopped and I treated them to dinner.
I had made arrangements to tour the Smith’s Car collection 1 hour before the meeting. They enjoyed the collection and talking to John and Sue.
We had the meeting introduced them and talk in length about recruiting younger members. I explained AACA Student membership; most members didn’t know it existed. We pass a motion the all Junior and Student members would be allowed to join our region dues free. So now junior or students total cost for the national and regional AACA is the $10 or $12.
After the meeting we talk to Jerry Hirsh and he invited the student over to see his Camaro and pace car collection and his restoration in progress. They really enjoyed it and we talked to Jerry for a long time. We arrive back to our meeting point in
Vincennes at a little after 1:00 am.
After talking to them I think 2 of them are going to join.


Meeting photos
They had concerns that they were graduation in May, I explained that the national membership will follow them anywhere they move to and the regional would be free so they have nothing to loose and it would look good on their resume’ to be an AACA member. Be side if they would have had to buy their own dinner they would have spent the $12 anyway. One of the students shot about 20 minutes of Video at John and Sue Smith’s collection but ran out of tape before Hirsh’s collection. She told me today that they had already shown the tape to several people. Of course they blamed me for them missing their Thursday morning classes, but I was at work at 8am and I’m an old man.

Not as good as I hoped but some progress and at least students in some circles are talking about AACA.
I need to check with the students to make sure they follow though with their AACA applications.


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