Suggestion to AACA national


1. Change Student membership to Young Adult Membership and open it to anyone under 24. There are a lot of newly employed potential members who are not students and can’t afford $30 a year. If someone takes advantage of the Student membership and graduates, sometime they have less money the first few years than they did in school. Or the young adult just out of high school who didn’t go to College.


2. On the AACA Discussion Forum either don’t let non AACA members register (let them post Anonymous only), or have a different registration so when a potential AACA member ask and question and get slammed, the know it is not coming from AACA and doesn’t leave a negative impact.


3. Allow Junior Members show vehicles with parent or adult supervision.


4. Try and establish and anchor meet in the central or western region like Hershey anchors the East.


5. Open up more classes like the hotrod class to broaden interest. I know there were lots of criticisms that that could encourage people to modify cars. I think this could be address by putting a firm cut-off date, not and rolling one, say modified before 1980, on modified over 25 years ago. This would open the show to cars like the 1.5 million dollar Howard Hughes Buick and concept vehicles.


6. Make extra copies of The Antique Automobile available to club members to help recruit new members.


7. Possibly sell the The Antique Automobile at news stands to help recruit and get AACA’s name out.


8. Possibly prepare a membership recruitment package including The Antique Automobile to be mailed out by the National to interested potential member turned in by Regions.


9. We may need to look at what has been done to preserve historic real estate and see what we can learn from it. Maybe tax credits for restoring and maintaining a car for historic preservation. (This may to be have to be done at the state level, the National History Registry has done a good job of it.)


10 A switch in marketing? In today’s society (in most cases) it is no longer the adults taking the kids to events; it is the kids telling the parents to go to events.  The fast food industry knows this and uses this tactic.  Maybe we need to make up a lot of tokens for kids, fun for kids, make the kids who come, glad they did and the parents that didn't bring there's, wish they had. 


11 AACA is relativity unknown in the Central and Western USA marketing is needed.


12. Antique Automobile,  contrary to some opinions this group like the ads. We see it becoming a real vendor showcase. Maybe even expand to usefulness of the ads by having vendor offer AACA member’s discounts in return for special rates on ads. Maybe even start a “Good Car Keeping Seal” given to good reliable vendors, the INTERNET is so full of less than reliable vendors. A rating of reliable vendors with AACA approval could help people form getting turned off the hobby by bad experiences in dealing with old car vendors.