Salem Halloween 200


Another one of my attempts to recruit members took place last fall at the Salem Speedways Halloween 200. 10-31-2004

My sister is friends with the owners of the track so I got permission to put some old cars in side the gate by the grandstands and try and recruit members for AACA and LOVeR.

I even got permission for our club to use the Highbank Club during the race and for a meal. Highbank club is the large plush enclosed glass room locate on top the grandstands usually used by the sponsors of the race. From our last meeting we had 6 cars and about 15 people planning on attending.

I put flyer around campus inviting possible members.

Spacing is a little screwed up with conversion to html but you can get the idea.


I got the to track early I drove my 55 Thunderbird and towed my 1970 Rokon, it was cool day but I drove the bird the 90 miles with the top off and the tonneau cover covering all but the driverís side. I had the hardtop on the trailer as it looked like rain all day. I arrive real early a few minutes after the gates had opened 2 hours before the race.



I unloaded the Rokon cleaned up the bird and set up a card table with AACA and Lover information on it, Grabbed my chair had had a seat. I donít know if it was because I was the only one there or what but all I got was people wanting to buy raffle tickets on the Thunderbird or people wanting to know how much a new Rokon cost. I sat there and talk to people for over 2 hours no other club members showed up. I had prepared a flyer about AACA land lover and I passed them out to interested people. I talked to maybe 3 of the 8000 or so in attendance that I thought were genuinely interested in joining.

I think messed up as I told them to contact me and gave them the information. I should have gotten their information and contacted them before the next meeting, next time I will.At the start of the race I closed up the car put the top on and head up to the Highbank club alone.It was kind of embarrassing having everyone a no show after Salem letting us use the room.

About 10 minutes into the race I notice 2 more cars park by mine near the grandstands.



I saw about 10 LOVeR members walking around looking for me. I motioned the up, they had forgotten about the time change and the road the came over on was closed and Yada Yada Yada.

It looked like rain so most just drove there street cars or trucks.

3 other members and I stayed about 2 hours after the race talked to people handed out flyers.

All and all I passed out about 100 flyers.


I got no calls and have never heard from anyone I talked to. The attempted was a total bust but, I had a nice drive and watched a good race. On the way home I almost hit a deer with the T-bird. Boy do you miss the radial tires when something like that happens.


All the pictures I took are at.