Following some suggestion the bird was too high of a dollar car for the students to relate to. I took the Bird out a last weekend and replace it with my 1970 Rokon Trailbreaker Class 5A senior winner and a Boss Hoss Trike to get their attention.
Photos of the Rokon and Boss in the
Tech Center are at:

I put flyers around campus, similar to this:
The conversion from a Word document to a web page messed it up a little but you get the idea.

As I stated before in my post our region (LOVeR) passed a resolution that all Junior and Students can join our region free of charge, so a students total cost for National and Regional clubs would be $12 a years.

I am surprise and I have talk to 2 students interesting in going already, so I think the Camaros are a bigger draw than one of the finest eclectic collection in the state. But what ever it takes.

Follow-up after Lovers Apr. meeting.
Over 25 of my informational cards were taken from the bikes and a got a few calls and lots of talk about going at one time 3 days before the meeting I had 7 going. But I ended up taking 3 one adult and 2 students. Several others told me maybe next time, just too busy right now, But our next meeting is at the National Meet in
Metropolis IL. Is I donít think well have guests.

Photos of meeting
As far as memberships I think the adult will join, but although the student enjoyed attending they donít show much interest in joining AACA, they are graduating Saturday and have other things on their minds. Iíll check with the today and make sure they have an application.



One of the students joined AACA the other took a membership application and said he would see if his dad would pay for his membership.


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