Born and raised in Northern Indiana, been living in Southern Indiana for the
past 30+ years.

I have been at Vincennes University since 1974.

I am an AACA life member (Joined 1988). I became a judge 2 years ago.

I restore my own cars. I enjoy restoring and driving better that showing
but I do show cars in national and at local events. I love swap meets.

I currently show a 1955 Ford Thunderbird that I drive to events.


My daughter (13) shows a 1970 Rokon we restored together. She watched I
restored. (You guy’s made me feel bad I also have a 19 year old daughter at Purdue.) (And a 50 year old wife)


Some of the cars I have owned:

1916 Elgin(HPOF)


1947 Indian Chief


5 Amphicars from 64-67


1970 Duster 340 R code

1954dodge half ton

1969 Dodge Charger (Slant Six)

1966 Chrysler300 2door non letter car

1949 Willys/Overland Jeepster

Boss Hoss 260 HP Motorcycle


Current stuff my wife drives a Prius Hybrid, we have had for over 3 years,
and I drive a BMW R1100RTA motorcycle.


I also have a Dodge Dakota 4x4.

How I learned about AACA, and why I joined

(I would like everybody to tell this)

In the mid 80’s I restored and was showing a 1964 Amphicar at regional
shows in IL, IN, and KY and had never heard of AACA.

I had a good friend who was in to the big Healeys. He used to talk about
Hershey“The Mecca of the old car Hobby” He always said we should take our
dad’s to Hershey.

I decide I would take my Amphicar to Hershey. I seen an ad for Hersheyin
OCW and wrote the AACA Hershey Region a letter to get information. I found
out my 64 wasn’t old enough and I had to be a member of AACA to show at
Hershey. I decide to join, but back then you had to have a sponsor to join
AACA and I didn’t know anybody in AACA.

It took me almost 2 years till I met an old guy with a Model T at the
Hoosier Car Show who signed my application so I could join. I attended
Hersheyin 1988,I finally took the Amphicar to Hersheyon 1989 and haven’t
missed since. I also took my dad to Hershey in 1990 (the year of the 7
inches of rain in 24 hours).I am glad I did because that was probably the
last year his health would have allowed him to go. My father was always in
to cars but racing not restoration. (He bought two Chrysler 300
convertibles new 57, 59). My friend never took his dad to Hersheyand never
went himself.

For years my only association with AACA was the Hersheymeet once a year.

The last 5 years I have attended at a least one other event other than

This is the first national committee in which I have been involved.

I belong to the Lover Ohio Valley Evansville Region and am a charter
member; we started the region about 5 years ago. I am the VP.


Before we stated Lover I was in the White River Valley Region for 2 years,
but distance was too great to attend meetings.

Why I got in to attempting to recruit younger members, at Hershey 2 years
ago in the judging school, I looked around and at nearly 50 I was the
youngest person of the 80+ attendees. Most were old enough to be my father.
I thought boy is AACA going to be on trouble in 20 years.

Why I recruit for LOVeR, as the VP I organize the events for the region.
Most tours and things it is best to have at least 20 members attend. Our
club is so small; I almost always end up with 10 or less. I would like to
get our regions size up to where we have 20+ active members.

Other memberships AMA, American Motorcycle Association,  BMWMOA, BMW Motorcycle Owners Association, IMO, Indian Motorcycle Owners,

I am the keeper of the Elgin Motorcar Registry.

My web pages tell a lot about me.


2226 E. Apache Lane
1955 Thunderbird
Indian Chief