Recruiting efforts at Huntingburg 3-19-05


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Weather was questionable but Sue, Haley and I loaded up the Rokon and the T-bird and headed to Huntingburg.

It took a little over an hour and a half, hit a few sprinkles, but mostly followed the rain on wet roads.

We got down there about 10:45 AM Main Street was block off and show cars were angle parked on both sides.

The parked us in the fourth block of Main. I disconnected the trailer park the T-bird. We were right at a block ally so I put the trailer in the ally and unloaded the Rokon and put it beside the Bird.

Then I got the table and chairs and laid out the AACA material.  I had about 80 color LOVER handouts, 20 AACA National Applications, and a sheet to write down names of interested people.

We had to walk four blocks to the end of Main Street to register. Even thought the web site said over 100 trophies all they were giving was 8 Peoples choice awards (participant voting) Registration was $25 for each vehicle. ($50) The flyers made it sound like you got a T-shirt but the t-shirts were and extra $10. So all and all I wasn’t impress and will not return next year, I was told they had over 450 cars last years but this year, I would guess they had 100-125 cars.

Weather was 50 degrees, windy and cloudy all day.

We went back and sat at the table and talked to people not too many interested in AACA mostly T-bird or Rokon talk. At about 1:00 PM we decide to walk around and look at the cars and put AACA Lover flyers in cars ( I did not bring enough flyers to put in all cars), plus( my expense of printing the color flyers about $50 each), I decided to only put them in AACA eligible cars. To may surprise, that may be part of the AACA membership problem out of the 100 plus cars only about 30 were AACA eligible cars, and some of those had mag wheels on them but could be returned to AACA show cars.  I talk to all the owners that were at their cars. Unfortunately I did have any AACA applications with me.

I talk to one man who was really interested; he lived in Gas City so I told him about the White River Valley Region as it would be a lot closer to him, he said he would stop by my car late and pick up a AACA National Membership Application, but he never showed up. I talk to 3 other that showed some interest, and I invited them to our April, meeting tech section. I told them if they would stop by my car I would get their address and send them a reminder before the next meeting, but none of them did. But they have the flyer with the dates and location of all 2005 events listed.


The rest of the Day I spent at the table and talk to several people, I talk to several interested, but none seamed willing show any real interest in joining, some said they were just too busy, “had too many iron in the fire”, “maybe when things slow down”. Some worked nights and couldn’t attend meetings.   I don’t think many had any concept of what AACA is. I think when I get the brochures for the National to hand out it will help.


So at the end of the day after 6 hours I had little to show for it.

Nobody taking an application.

Nobody on my interested list.


On the plus side.

Passed out about 50 Lover Flyers.

Talked to about 20 people about AACA.

I think the guy from Gas City may join the National, He said he would check out lover’s web site (on Flyer) and it links to National.

3 people that may contact me or attend the next Lover meeting. (a long shot, but maybe.)

Maybe some of the owners of the cars I put flyers in will contact me or go to the web page to attend a meeting.