Current recruiting efforts 2005


First, I prepared a flyer in color with the plans to put them in peopleís cars at local cars shows like we car show flyers around here. (Due to the cost I plan on only putting them in AACA eligible cars)


Word flyer


In November I purchase a vinyl cutter.

So I have been cutting vinyl Lover logo for members to put on their truck and giving them out for free. Here is a photo of the one on my truck.


I also have been making t-shirts with our logo in them hoping people will wear them and other will ask about he club.



I also have Red Skeltonís 1972 MB 600 in the Vincennes University Technology Building with AACA signs around it.


More Photos.



A few years ago I also had a 100 patches made with the plans of selling them for $3 each and eventually breaking even.I have ended up giving most of them away.