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Jay’s Old home page

2K Dodge Viper RT/10
First shots of the Viper  

Viper rear window seal replacement

Installing Snake-Oyl’s Cruise control

Installing Snake-Oyl’s front valance protector

Installing PartsRack’s Trunk strut

1928 Model A Rumble seat Roadster
First shots of the Model A

1955 Thunderbird
Jay's Thunderbird
Jay's 55 in Tech Building at VU

Formula Vee
Jay Formula Vee 2-12-2012
Jay's FV when  he got it

Indian Motorcycles
Jay's Old Indian
1947 Indian Chief

Elgin Motorcar Pages
Jay's 1916 Elgin
Elgin Motorcar page
Elgin Motorcar Registry
Elgin Motorcar Records

Jays in water
Amphicar club Info
Amphicar Page
Amphicar historic photos
Jay's Old Amphicar
More pictures of Jay's Amphicar
More Details on Jay's Amphicar
Restoration of Jay's Amphicar
Amphicar in Automotive Quarterly + Elgin in Cars and parts
Cars and parts Amphicar Article
Amphicar going in the water

 AACA Pages


Look at the 2014 Schedule

AACA recruiting efforts


Christmas Party

GAR in Evansville

AACA Fall Nationals Hershey PA 2001

LOVeR Spring Fling 2002

Cedar Rapids National Show

AACA Meeting at Fred's 9/18/02

2002 Hershey AACA meet

11/03/02 Trip to Frank Kleptz's

03-19-03 AACA meeting with Airbag Demo

03-30-2003 Washington Mall Car Display

04-2-19-2003 2003 Spring Fling Tour

07-25-2003 Metropolis AACA Show

Aug. 20, 2003 LOVeR learns about Plasma cutting

Aug. 2003 Grand National show in Ceder Rapids

2003 Hershey AACA Fall Nationals

10/15/2003 AACA meeting, Plastics

11/8/2003 VU Car Show

11/8/2003 Tour of VU Machine Trade

Dec 2003 Lover's Christmas Party

02-14-2004 2004 AACA National Meeting

03-17-4004 AACA meeting

03-27-2004 Rokon in Tech

04-19-2004 AACA Mall Show

04-21-2004 AACA Meeting

05-1-2004 Birmingham AACA National meet

05-15-2004 Metropolis AACA National Show

06-05-2004 Don Smiths

07-21-2004 Pool Party

07-31-2004 L-V Show

09-11-2004 Dublin OH National Meet

09-18-2004 Hoosier Auto Show and Swap Meet

09-19-2004 Washington Indiana Car Show

10-19-2004 AACA Meet at Hershey

10-31-2004 Lover’s visit Salem

12-04-2004 Lover’s Christmas Party

03-19-2005 Huntingburg Car Show

4-05 OBD II tech meeting

09-24-2005 Jeffersonville National Show

10-05-2005 Hershey and Newport

11-05-2005 VU Car show

10-22-2005 LOVeR Fall Party

4-15-2006 Spring Fling

7-7-2007 Grand AACA National

7-15-2007 AACA Pool Party

09-19-2007 AACA Meeting at Freds

10-07-2007 Newport Antique Auto Hill Climb

Oct. 08-13, 2007 AACA Fall Nationals Hershey 2007

10-07-22007 Newport Antique Auto Hill Climb Videos

01-16-2888 Meeting at Marvin’s

Grand National - Melbourne, FL - March 14, 2008

03-18-2008 AACA meeting at John & Sue Smith’s

4-26-08 Smith, Kleptz & Hulman Museums

05-21-2008 AACA Meeting at Mark’s

AACA Fall Nationals Hershey

Lover Christmas Party 2008

Lover tours  Pantheon

Lover Halloween Party 2008

01/19/2009 Meeting AT Jerry’s Smith’s

AACA National Meet at Cleveland TN

03-28-2009 Ray Skillman Collection

5-2-2009 Lover's trip to Nashville TN

6-12-2009 National AACA show in Lebanon TN

Hershey AACA Fall Nationals 2009

Hershey AACA Fall Nationals 2010

Hershey AACA Fall nationals 2011

 Stuff for Sale past and Present.
V6 Boss Hoss(Sold)
More new shots of the Boss(sold)
2 and 3 wheeled Boss Hoss's (sold)
1916 Elgin Touring Car.(sold)
Mobile One (sold)
Amphicar (sold)
 1948 Chevy 4 door (sold)
 1912  Rauch Lang  Brougham. (sold)
1915 Rauch and Lang (barn fresh) (SOLD)
1907 Maxwell runabout (SOLD)
1995 Honda Pacific Coast (SOLD)
1994 Harley Road King (sold)
2001 Honda Goldwing GL1800(Sold)
 2000 Boss Hoss Trike (Sold)
Old Winch
6x12 trailer
1955 Thunderbird (sold)
2002 Toyota Prius (sold)
Pennzoil 22 Sprint car
1963 Austin Healey Sprite for sale

Motorcycle Trips
Laconia (page 1)
Laughlin(page 1)
Deal Gap 2001
Vintage Motorcycle Days 2001
St Louis Motorcycle show 2002 (Feb)
Vintage Motorcycle Days 2002
St Louis Motorcycle show 2002 (Nov)
07-24-2004 Ride to the Overlook
08-06-2007 Redbird SRA Dugger IN
04-12-2008 Moonshine Rally
04-18-2009 Moonshine Rally
5/23/2009 Madison ADVRider ride
7-26-2009 Redbird Dual Sport Ride
8-2-2009 Redbird ADVRider Dual Sport Ride.
Moonshine rough road ride 2010
6-25-2010 Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail
9-5-2010 Mission Impossible Badlands Pre-ride
9-25-2010 Mission Impossible Badlands ADVRider Ride
10-31-2010 ADV Parke County Ride
11-11-2010 Redbird  SRA very dry
11-13-2010 Post Post Moonshine Lunch run
11-28-2010 ADV Rider Redbird Thanksgiving ride


VU Car shows
Current VU Car Show Flyer
11-07-2009 Blazerfest Car show
2009  VU Auto Club Cruise Flyer
11-08-2008 Homecoming car show pictures
11-03-2007  Homecoming car show
11-05-2005 VU Car show

11-06-2004 VU Car Show
Nov 2003 VU Auto Club Car Show
Homecoming Car Show 2002

Parent's weekend 2001
Dad's weekend 2000
Dad's weekend 1999

Other VU Stuff
Halloween 2001
VU Cabin Fever 2001
Jefferson Academy Dedication
Casino Royal 2/19/2001
05/11/02 Prom
06/09/2002 Haley's Dance
08-24-2002 Beach Party
LRC Computer commons
National Corvette Museum
05-01-2003 Hydrogen Presentation
06-08-2003 Holiday World
09-04-2003 Trasportation Lunch
11/8/2003 Putting Big Red in Tech Building
Sept 2004 more of big red in Tech
12/19/2003 LRC Christmas Party
3-2004 Custom Painting Class
4-8-2004 VU Auto Body
06-05-2005 VU  at Holiday World
Smart Classroom 8-31-2007
SCAT plans\index.html
Mac’s Highway
Dyno Day 2008
 Scat Building 5-22-2008
Holiday World 2008
BrickYard 400 2008
Auto Club 9-25-08
LRC 139 1-26-2009
Vandyke Science Building

Toyota Prius Stuff
Jay's Prius
Prius Hitch
Prius in Snow
Prius Side molding
Prius Arm Rest
Prius Emergency Response Manual

 Other stuff
Staff Party
Salem Speedway
St Louis Motorcycle show.
Folding chair
Old Family Page (outdated)
Friend from Germany, Herman's visit
Jenny's Wedding
Photos of a 1900 Smith runabout
Photos of a 1912 Sears runabout
Old Motorcycles Photos
Jawa MT-5
Old Wolf Coal Photos
Haley Piano Monster concert at Depauw
10/26/2003 Salem Raceway Holloween 200
Haley Party
1939 Ford Midget. Ford 60 V8, Curly Weatheroff
1934 Rolls Royce Sedanca Deville
Sharpie’s 500 Bristol 2004
Erin’s Wedding
Brick Yard 400 2005
1922 Detroit Electric
Delivery of My Barn
Some old BMW and Elgin Shots
Cub Backhoe
Cougar sunroof repair
Trike final shots
Haley’s Nashville Birthday Trip 2008
Haley’s trip to Vincennes France

BMW R1100RTA Pages
Jay's RT page

Click here for the story of how I ended up with the R1100RTL
Installing GS intake tubes
Synchronizing Injectors using TwinMax
AreoFlow windshield
Trunk(Top Box) Top Rack
Lining Side bags and top box
Radar detector shelf
Electronic gear in place (CB, GPS Radar Detector)
Garmin Emap GPS
MV Lowering kit for the Foot Rests
Highway/Peg-Floorboard to stretch your legs
Enlarged the side stand foot
Moto Techniques Cam Cap Covers & Oil Filler
JC Whitney Helmet lock & LED License plate frame
Guardian 911-100P Pager Alarm
Handlebar Risers (Bar Backs)
Synchronizing without removing plastic modification
Front running light and headlight modulator
Fender Extensions front and rear
Corbin Seat and 2 back rests
SS Fairing mount screws
Two Brothers Racing Exhaust Pipe and muffler
Schneiders Inc. Flip Lever
Drink Holder (2 types)
Talkabout (250), CB radio (Midland 75-820) Holder (2 types)
Digital camera
Aluminum cap for head bolt (homemade)
Carrying the mail
BMW & Rokon
BMW Hitch

 Rokon stuff
Current shots of Jay's Rokon
First shots of Jay's Rokon
Jay's Rokon Trailer
BMW & Rokon
5/13/02 Rokon
Cedar Rapids National Show
Chrome plating needed
03-27-2004 Rokon in Tech

Yamaha 650 Society
Yamaha 650 Society
Yamaha 650 addresses
Yamaha 650 List info
LBL Rally info
LBL 1994
LBL 1995
LBL 1996
LBL 1997
LBL 1998
LBL 1999
LBL 2000
LBL 2001
LBL 2002
LBL 2003
VMD 2003
LBL 2004

LBL 2005

LBL 2006

LBL 2007
LBL 2008


VMD 2005

Jays FTP site




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